A special thanks to my mentor, Guy de Maupassant, the master of the short story.

I wrote this this book of short stories to express my love for all things, even those things that may seem the opposite of love. I've written this so that anyone at basically any age can install themselves into the stories. My life has been lived in many ways but I have always tried in life to see the beauty in even the most horrible of those things that life seems to bring us. I have found it impossible to not find this beauty; if you truly take the time to really look it beauty is everywhere. My life is one of destiny and that of betrayal. Life has taught me to think of others before myself and that betrayal of those that have pretended to love me, has taught me that life must be lived fully to achieve enlightenment. This story is a collection of those memories.  "Have a Great Summer!"
Written by; Stephen De Long  and the cover art designed by; Kevin Viratyosin

Stories Included'

Chapter One: “At The Lake” Chapter Two: “Catching” Chapter Three: “Buckley” Chapter Four: “Hens and Chicks” Chapter Five: “Santa's Coming, Isn't He?” Chapter Six: “Hell's Angel's, Part One” Chapter Seven: “Birth of My Son” Chapter Eight: “Sweet Addiction” Chapter Nine: “A Dream of Love” Chapter Ten: “The Sparrow” Chapter Eleven: “Itasca” Chapter Twelve: “Lost in The Woods”